. Bothers Me

Role Brand identity, Design strategy, Mobile and web interaction design, Visual design

Timeline Freelancing for the startup BothersMe

The Client

BothersMe is a platform that enables customers to easily vote on and track feature requests or issues which concern them.

It also helps businesses get feedback in real-time and digitally, allowing them to address issues on the spot and to use historical data to identify the most pressing issues for their business.

The context

I was approached for the project by the BothersMe founder when the company had nothing more than its business concept and was looking for a way of promoting it on the market. BothersMe needed some design help to create a fresh brand identity, as well as help creating their very first public website and mobile apps for both iOS and Android from the ground up.


At the time, there were approximately 12 competitors on the market with similar business ideas, though 70% of them had only a web platform.

That caused difficulties for users who wanted to be able to report problems on the go.

Our goal was thus not only to deliver a product that was easy to use, but also to clearly communicate the value of BothersMe in order to make it stand out.

Based on our agreement, my deliverables included:

  • designing the company’s first website and IOS and Android mobile apps;
  • designing a plugin;
  • creating a brand identity.

The design process

BothersMe had carried out a competitive analysis, which they shared.

I started out by identifying their target audience and conducting user sentiment analysis.

The research findings were reflected in the creative brief. That set the tone for development of the brand identity and the choice of the application platform.

Based on the creative brief and the company values we identified, we steered the BM brand in a minimalist, technological direction.

Color palette
Final logo guideline
Social Media banner
Some logo explorations

Public Website

I then started working on the public website and the plugin.

I started out by creating the architecture and sketches, then made iterative wireframes and visual mockups.

How the tour page evolved over time (wireframe / rough mockup / final mockup)
Tourpage design for various screen sizes (web-mobile)


BothersMe planned to generate revenue by selling plugins to commercial companies.
Here is a plugin prototype I designed:

Mobile app

I started creating the app by identifying the key use cases with the stakeholders:

  • find an issue and vote on it
  • report an issue (with an optional image)
  • find issues related to the business
  • sort issues by number of votes
  • sort issues by number of votes/views

The next step was to visualize the use cases step-by-step, by creating a user flow.

After that I drafted low-fidelity wireframes. Finally, I converted them into high fidelity mock-ups including all functional details and the brand identity.

Medium-Fidelity Wireframe Flow
Selected Hi-Fidelity Mobile Screenshots (IOS)
Selected Hi-Fidelity Mobile Screenshots (Android)

Results and Reflection

The website and mobile apps’ designs have been praised in reviews. They have been described as “simple”, “straightforward”, and “clean and uncluttered”. Most importantly, they were never confusing to use.

Users noted that they felt secure in relying on the speed and convenience of BM, rather than contacting companies directly, because companies don’t much pay attention to small amounts of feedback.

This project posed an interesting challenge: making the right compromises to best match the interests of commercial companies and individual users.

Check out the BothersMe responsive website mockups (company faced)

Check out the BothersMe responsive website mockups (user faced)