. Vida

Role content strategy, graphic design

Timeline 1 year

The Client

VIDA is an e-commerce platform that brings together designers and manufacturers from around the world to create and sell original apparel and accessories at scale.

The Task

VIDA has decided to implement a rewards program on its platform. The purpose of the program is to motivate customers to stay engaged on the website.

I collaborated with the marketing team on the project.

Conceptual design

From the outset, we have taken into consideration behavioral models while building the project.

Statistically it’s hard for users to make a choice if they are confronted with too many – especially when it comes to unfamiliar products. In such a situation, they are likely to forego the benefits offered and not choose anything. Therefore we concluded that the number of benefits should be limited.

At the same time, another psychological principle holds that users develop an emotional attachment if they have invested some time and effort. Drawing an analogy to the rewards project, we concluded that if they collect some amount of points by activating rewards, they’ll stay motivated and engaged.

Early wireframes


I conducted three user tests, allowing users to freely explore the prototype. As a result, I identified design problems related to information architecture which were fixed in the second iteration of mockups.


Design for various screen sizes